Cute Clipboards

Can you tell I'm getting caught up with this little blog?  I've got a lot of school stuff to do - evaluations, preparation for a WASC visit, catch up on email - but a girl's gotta have priorities, right??

I loved the idea of personalized clipboards.  We use them ALL the time in our office.  New student enrollment paperwork, discipline statements, sign in sheets - the list goes on and on.  It never fails though, that sooner or later all the clipboards disappear.  I have one that I painted my name on when I was at the middle school long ago and THAT one has never disappeared!

For this project I bought regular old clipboards from Staples.  The first step is to make a template for the top.  That was probably the most difficult part because of the clip.  I saw somewhere that if you tie the clip OPEN, it makes it easier to trace around it and with some strategic cuts, you'll get a one piece pattern.  

I bought some coordinating 12" x 12" scrapbook paper for these and used some coordinating fibers and ribbons for the top.  It was a fun, quick project and I think these puppies won't disappear any time soon!!  More detailed directions can be found here.

I just love the stuff at the top!!


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