Simple Signs Update


I've been chalkboarding (no surprise there!)  The more I did the tracing procedure, the more I developed the ability to make a design freehand, sometimes using pictures for ideas.  This is the most recent (and largest) chalkboard I've done to date.  This one was done on a black canvas and then inserted into a frame.

This sign (with details that you choose) is available on Etsy.  Click here for link.

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Feeling inspired, I found a quote online and then made this one:

Original post:

If you want an even easier "chalkboard" wall hanging (see previous post), you can purchase an artist's canvas in any size you want.  Use the same techniques that I described and the end result is equally as attractive!  I'm having so much fun!!

All you need is a favorite design from the web (enlarge it to the size you need for your canvas), spray chalkboard paint and white acrylic paint.  Voila!!  

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