Saturday, January 18, 2014

Heath Bar Cake/Cupcakes

Thanks to i am baker for this timely post!  I had volunteered to make a birthday cake for my boss, and wanted something special.  This recipe is AMAZING!  It does take awhile to make because of the many parts to it, but it is well worth the time and effort.  Please click here to find the recipe on  She changed up the recipe from one on My Baking Addiction (click here for link).  On i am baker, there is a little video that you can watch which really helps when putting it all together.

The chocolate cake recipe is divine - made with cocoa and coffee.  The buttercream recipe is perfectly sweet.  It contrasts nicely with the chocolate ganache (I've never made a ganache before - heck I never even KNEW what one was!).  Throw in some Heath Bar bits and it is more than wonderful!

This is my cake - not as perfect as the one on the blog but perfectly tasty!

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Here's a closeup of the top of the cake:

Just as a side note, I had covered the cake with Press'n'Seal when I transported it to work.  Good thing because the traffic on the freeway stopped abruptly and my creation tipped over.  When I got to work it was a little squished on one side but with all the frosting in the middle and the ganache holding everything together, it survived!

Tonight I wanted to share this great recipe with my husband, daughter and son-in-law, but a cake like this was way too much for us.  I tried to do a half recipe, but that didn't turn out well.  So I made cupcakes.  I used the "from scratch" recipe, even though it is sort of a flat cake when baked.  I didn't put pieces of Heath Bar on top, just crumbles.  They were equally delicious.

So, break out the mixer and pick up some supplies at the store and give this a try.  I guarantee it's worth the effort!!

Buttercream frosting on the chocolate cupcakes

A bit of ganache dripped on top and some Heath Bar crumbles to top it off

Sweet and bitter - now all we need is a cup of coffee!!

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