Crafty Girls #2 - Random Projects

Today was our second Crafty Girls Get Together.  We had hoped that all eight of us could meet again and create and gossip and eat, but alas, it was not meant to be.  Many of us are in education, so you would think that with school being out, it would free up our schedules.... um, no.  Maybe we have more time when we're working!!  Now there's an oxymoron!  Anyway, amongst the members, we had one on vacation, one having lunch with a kindergarten sweetheart, one watching her sons' baseball game, and one had a baby!!  So, three of us met and just enjoyed doing whatever project we wanted to do.

Here are the projects that we did:

A twine wrapped letter with silk flowers

A chalkboard made from an old picture frame:

An old collage picture frame made into a chalkboard (before seasoning with chalk).

And a chalkboard made from the table I found near a trashcan last week.  (The "Crafty Girls" sign was made from pieces of that table as well as the sign below.)  I used an upside down drawer pull at the bottom to hold the chalk.  This one is going on the wall outside my office - I can't wait to do countdowns to events... 10 days until Homecoming, or 3 days until vacation!!  Should be fun!

The top of the table (below) cut down to size and made into a chalkboard.

Pictures of the other project (Ball jars for an upcoming wedding!) will be posted as soon as I get them!

And here they are!  One of the girls wanted to experiment with ideas for her 20 table decorations.  Using a combination of twines, ribbons, burlap, buttons, etc., she's well on her way to checking those off her "to do" list!

Small group, but fun.  I think for our next get together, we'll go with a theme rather than a project.  I can only imagine the ideas that will flow!!

I think this table was someone's high school woodshop project.

When I took it apart, there was a lot of wood.  This doesn't include the top! 


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