Coffeecake To Go

I am in the middle of packing for a four day trip to Chicago. 

I hate packing.  I always forget something.  Always.  One time it was my toothbrush, another time it was my pajamas.  Another my hairbrush.  I am mildly anxiety ridden anyway, and packing doesn't help.  But it's something I must do.  So, what better way to decrease packing anxiety by whipping up something sweet and easy, perfect with a cup 'o' coffee??

I took my Betty Crocker coffeecake recipe (you'll find it here) and used it like cupcake batter.  It worked better than expected!!  The recipe made 9 little cakes which eliminates the partially-eaten, stale coffeecake in the kitchen scenario.  And, an unexpected bonus - I'll take a few with me to the airport because they're easy to carry!  I'm sure having one or two and a nice cup of coffee will eliminate some of that packing stress!!  If nothing else works, caffeine and sugar baby!!!
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Nice, individual coffee cake!!

Just pour in cupcake liners and add topping!

Lovely cinnamon topping!


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