Quite awhile ago, back in May 2015 actually, we were looking for a quick lift to the exterior of the house and decided to spray paint our light fixtures, which went surprisingly well!  (See post here.)  When we were in the spray paint section of Home Depot, we saw some texture paint and thought it would be good for our 15 year old water fountain.

Well, that project sat.  And sat.  Problem was that the pump wasn't working.  Had to buy a new pump.  Difficult to manuever the top part of the fountain to get the pump connected.  Lots of frustration so it sat longer.  Then, the drought here in So Cal.  Lots of guilt about running water for decorative purposes if we were able to fix the pump.  Fast forward almost 10 months and it was still sitting.  With some convincing, my husband agreed that I could convert it into a planter (it's hard for him to give up on fixing something that he's convinced he CAN fix... eventually!) 

Base of fountain while waiting to be repaired

Part two of this story is my succulents.  I've always had an aversion to succulents.  However, with this ongoing drought, succulents are everywhere and I got to see how many varieties there are, how beautiful they can be and when they bloom... amazing!  So I've been collecting them here and there and putting them in pots.  When they get big enough, I separate them and put them in more pots.  I was running out of space and they were looking a little hodgepodge.  So.... enter the non-functional water fountain!

I pulled out the spray paint and painted the entire thing.

We got it put back together, minus the pump, and I filled both tiers with a layer of stones and then potting soil.  I replanted some of my favorite succulents and am excited about seeing my new planter overflow with gorgeous greens and pops of color when it's time for them to bloom.  All around success I'd say!  Total cost about $30.00.  Not too shabby!!



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