As promised, here is the second Valentine's Day garland I made.  This one is quick and easy too.  I got the idea from  It inspired me to do the Pom Pom Garland (link here).

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You will need strips of colored fabric - I chose four patterns and bought 1/4 yard of each.  It was WAAAY too much.  You will also need 7 feet of twine, a deck of cards (I used only the first ten cards - not the face cards), and some antique ModPodge!  That's it!

Coat the cards with ModPodge to take off the shine.  

While you're waiting for them to dry, cut your fabric into strips. My strips were 3/4" wide.

Punch two holes in each in the center of the hearts.  I used the first card I punched as a template for the rest so the holes were in the same place on all.  

String the cards on the twine and then add strips of fabric to your liking.  

When you put the fabric strips on, make a "V",  put the point of the "V" behind the string and below it, then take the two ends over the string and through the "V".  I also had some decorative fiber on hand, so I added that as well in the same "V" knot.  Space out the cards and fabric and you're done!  

Oh and I had some help.

I like the look of a double garland - these two worked together well.  I think I'll do something with the other cards - maybe use the black ones for a Halloween garland??  


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