How quickly the holidays come and go.  I can't believe we got everything done despite the time crunch and feeling as if we wouldn't be able to check off everything on that darn list.  But, as they always do, things fall into place and worked themselves out.  We got the Christmas cards done, the shopping finished, the Christmas Eve dinner prepared and the Christmas cookies tied with a little bow.  We celebrated quietly with my little family (me, my husband, my brother and mother, and my daughter and son-in-law) and went to bed early as we seem to do more often now that my husband and I are getting older.  We took some time to count our many blessings - especially with the stress of the last few years navigating through the recession.  It truly was a time to celebrate.

Just when we thought it was over, an opportunity came our way.  An opportunity of the feline sort.

We've always had pets.  Over the 32 years of marriage and even before that, we've had either a cat, or dog, or combination thereof, in the household.  Numerous kittens ended up in our woodpile (we often thought people abandoned kittens there since it was accessible from the street) or we adopted them from the shelter.  Our two dogs were rescued greyhounds and were amazing pets.  With all of these critters, it was heartbreaking to say goodbye and after losing our last cat that we had had for over 13 years, we didn't have the heart to start over again.

One of my Facebook friends frequently shares posts from a local shelter.  A couple of days after Christmas, there was a plea for someone to adopt sibling kittens.  That was exactly what we were looking for... kittens... and siblings!  We knew from experience that sibling kitties are a lot of fun and that we could have multiple felines without the spraying and discontent that sometimes accompany trying to get two animals to get along with one another.  I immediately messaged the FB shelter page and got a quick response.  Yes we were interested in more than one kitten, yes we were willing to pay the fee for the vet bills and shelter charges and yes, we would be more than willing to drive out and pick one or two up!  Beautiful snowshoe siamese kittens!!

We drove to the foster home and knew right away that we loved these little guys.  We took home a brother and sister and were enchanted with them both.  They were shy and timid and hid themselves until they felt comfortable.  We had a blast buying all the "kitty supplies" - litter box, food, kitty condo, toys - and within a day or two they were much more at ease.  No sooner did we settle in when I received a text message from the foster kitty mom.  Would we be willing to take the last little brother?  She had a family that was interested, but she wasn't getting a good vibe from the initial meeting.  Plus this little guy was really missing his brother and sister.   She said she KNEW that he would be happy to be with them again and she KNEW we were good kitty parents, so would we be willing to take number three?  She'd even drive him over to US!  A deal too good to refuse!

So, here we are, ready to begin a new year with three new little family members.  Who could ask for more?  We are grateful for all of our blessings - especially these three little guys who will be with us for years to come!  Thanks so much to the shelter for taking them in even though they were not weaned and very vulnerable, to the vet who checked them and made sure they were viable, and to the foster "mom" who weaned them and kept them healthy until they could be adopted.  It was worth it.  They are adorable.


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