Non-stop.  That is life these days.  At least at work.  I'm so very grateful that I like going to work every day.  I am fortunate to work with really great people.  No day is the same - always something new.  But sometimes there is no time to breathe.  So, I'm backing up a little, and forcing myself to take a "time out" for a few minutes during the day.  Close the door, mute the phone and, let's see.... eat my sandwich at a luxuriously slow place (definition: taking longer than 30 seconds while on the run to lunch duty) or maybe even sit back and knit or crochet for a few minutes and let my brain rest.

I found this pattern on Ravelry and I love it.  It's all garter stitch (knit every row).  No purl.  If you're a knitter, that can be a bit boring.  But since this is an asymmetrical pattern, there is enough there to keep your interest.  Starting with only a few stitches, you decrease by one on one end and increase by two on the other.  The other challenge is doing a picot cast off which creates little "bumps" on one of the edges.  That was fun to do (thank you YouTube!).  Plus, this is a great pattern for variegated yarn!

If you want patterns from Ravelry (many good, free ones available) you'll have to join the site.  You can find this pattern here.

Busy week ahead!  More yarn!  More silent moments and hopefully, another asymmetric scarf finished soon!

Update:  Here's the same scarf in another color:


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