Nutella Kit Kat Oreo Overloaded Nut and/or Choc Chip Brownies

Yes, you read that right.  Nutella... Kit Kats.... Oreos... Nuts... Chocolate Chips... in a brownie.

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Thank you to my son-in-law for being my dessert guinea pig - it's what keeps me experimenting with different recipes that I find on the internet.  Well, thank you to him AND his workplace buddies who seem to enjoy a chocolately treat now and then.  I guess my experiments have become quite popular, which is great!  It's always nice to have an audience!  With just my husband and me at home now, cooking up a batch of anything is too much.  When my daughter and son-in-law come over for dinner, a batch is still a lot.  So thank goodness for hungry architects!!

On our last homemade pizza/movie night we were talking about Nutella.  None of us had ever tried it although it seems to be THE popular ingredient these days.  So, knowing that whatever recipe I found that had Nutella, it also had to include chocolate.  The "Nutella Kit Kat Oreo Overload Brownies" recipe from Culinary Concoctions by Peabody was perfect.  The "nuts" or "choc chip" addition to her recipe came from the brownie mixes I used (of course I had to add more than what was in the mix!)

I made a double batch and it was pretty easy.  Pretty tasty too from the initial reviews!  The recipe is posted on my recipe page here.  The original blog post is here.  Peabody's pictures are amazing - and irresistible!  There's gotta be some occasion in the near future to make something delicious, right??


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