Paper Roses Revisit

Awhile back I posted about working on a wreath made of paper roses.  I had a little bit of free time on my hands and enjoyed making the roses.  (See the original post here.)  I had some fun with those roses and never got around to posting how I decorated a gift for a friend.  I didn't want to post it and have it show up on Facebook before I gave the gift!!  So, when going through some of my photos today, I found the picture and decided it was time to post it.

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Here's a close up:

These paper flowers were a bit different than the ones in the post.  These were created by making a spiral and then gluing the spiral from the outside in to make the rose.  I made a few but couldn't imagine making hundreds.  That's when I bought the paper punch and decided to make the punched ones rather than the spiral ones.  Tutorials are readily available on the web - just search for "rolled paper flowers".

To decorate the bottle, I just tied a bow around the top with a tag and hot glued the flowers on.  I apologize if the name of the wine is a bit offensive - sometimes we in the crazy world of high school discipline tend to have a weird sense of humor!  Oh and also a need to break one of these puppies open now and then!


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