Friday, December 20, 2013

Last Minute Ornaments

I needed a few more little decorations to finish off my decorating for this year and decided to just make more of the paper ornaments I made at our latest Crafty Girls day. I just taped a few to the ceiling in our dining room.

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Here are the steps:

Using a paper punch (I got this one at Michael's.  Use a coupon, it's expensive - about $24!) You can also use a circle cutter or just a drinking glass as a pattern.

You need six circles for each ornament.  I liked using 3 each of 2 colors.

Fold each circle in half - be careful that your pattern is going the same direction for each circle.

Start gluing them together, one by one.  I alternated the patterns.

When you've glued the sixth one to the adjacent circle, place your string on the final surface to be glued.

Voila!  Simple, cute and inexpensive ornament!