Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Moscow Mule Succulents

Wow, it's that time of year again!  No wreath-making for me this year - I kind of burned out on the whole frantic ornament searching, so it'll be a bit more low-key for 2014!

I made a trip to Bev-Mo this morning and found these beautiful copper mugs.  I know that Moscow Mules are all the rage now and I needed a gift for a friend who loves that beverage, so the mug would be the perfect gift.  I wanted something more than just a mug with a ribbon on it, so I thought that it would look great with succulents in it.  Problem was, I didn't want the succulents (and the accompanying dirt) to ruin the mug.  So, SOLO cup to the rescue!

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I went to Home Depot and bought a couple of tiny succulents.  (They can be split, so whatever you don't use, put in a pot and they will propagate nicely.  I still have some left over from the Succulent Pumpkin project that are doing great!)  

Cut slits in the SOLO cup so that it fits into the mug snugly.  This was a small cup, so it worked perfectly!

I didn't cut all the way to the bottom - I left 1/4 inch uncut so that if there's any water drainage, it won't go into the mug.

Add pebbles and potting soil or dirt.

Now, pull apart your succulents and plant them in the soil.  I used a spoon to push the soil around and make holes for the plants.  A few drops of water when done, and what a cute gift!!  (The ceramic planter behind the mug is filled with bits and pieces of succulents from other plantings or projects.  Don't throw any of those little buggers away!  Stick 'em in dirt and watch what happens!)