Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pretty Cake for Easter

Every year my brother hosts our Easter gathering.  We are a small group - my brother, my mother, my husband, daughter and son-in-law.  But, if you know my family, even with just six of us, we can get a little nutty!

My husband is in charge of the bread - so he made garlic knots this time.  (If you missed the garlic knot post, you can find it here.)  Easy and so delicious!!  I was in charge of dessert, so I just baked a cake.

I wanted it to look pretty, so I went to the old standby cake mix cake and buttercream frosting from iambaker.  I love her rose cake, so I did a variation.  It seemed a little plain, so I pulled a few nasturtiums from the garden and a couple of mint leaves, and voila!  Pretty cake!

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Using a IM tip and a plastic decorating bag, it was pretty easy to cover the cake in these little swirls.  I wasn't too accurate and was very worried about having enough frosting, so at the end, I filled the gaps with just a little pop of frosting.

Also, I saw something somewhere that solved the problem of putting the frosting in the decorating bag!  Too bad I didn't see it sooner because I struggle with scooping that messy frosting!  Sooooo, the secret is to put the tip in the bag, and then put the bag in a glass!  It supports the bag and gives an edge to scoop the frosting off the rubber spatula!  Who knew??? (Probably everyone else but me!!)

I encourage you to try this frosting and technique - it's fun and easy and looks pretty darn impressive (even though it's pretty simple)!

Soooo pretty!!