Friday, July 3, 2015

Knock You Naked Brownies

For a pre-4th of July treat, since we were BBQ'ing, I searched Pinterest and found this recipe from The Pioneer Blog.  (Link is here.)  These are delicious!  I highly recommend them (as does my son-in-law)!  Using a cake mix makes it easy, just plan ahead a bit because they need to be refrigerated.  Yes, these brownies will make you HAPPY!

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Luscious layers of brownie with nuts, caramel, chocolate chips and another layer of brownie make them a very decadent dessert.

Hints:  In the recipe, you are asked to split the "brownie mix" in half.  Half is put into a square pan and baked for less than 10 minutes, the other half is set aside and is put on top of the caramel and chocolate chips.  Because the caramel is very mushy, the recipe asks that you form a square with the remaining "dough" on a countertop and then spatula it on the top.  I molded it on waxed paper, and then just flipped it over on top of the pan and then peeled off the waxed paper.  Easy!!

I also used two sizes of chocolate chips - the regular size and the minis. 

Oh and I totally forgot the powdered sugar!  Next time!

This is a great recipe and I hope you check it out on Pioneer Woman and give it a try!