Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fanci-full Birthday Decorations

Life sort of gets so busy sometimes I lose track of things.  Well, maybe it's just old age rather than life, but yeah, things are busy!  Life at a high school has its time intensive seasons and those seasons that are a little bit more relaxed.  Add in being short-handed, and there's even more to do!  In the last couple of months it's been pretty crazy.  I'd never trade it - I love my job, but when I don't even have time to post a picture, that's pretty nuts!!

I wanted to show you a few pictures of the cake/cupcake birthday decorations that I've made recently.  REALLY EASY!!  All were made with decorative paper scraps, some leftover embellishments and some skewers!  Oh and pinterest!  (Where else would one find out how to make a pinwheel with just one click of a button??!)

This was a three layer 8 inch round cake.  I used a white cake mix, split the batter into thirds and used varied amounts of food coloring.  Simple buttercream frosting and a few sprinkles, and it was a hit.  So much fun to cut into it and see the pink!!  Now, as for the little decorations - I used twine, scrapbook paper, adhesive letters and little brads and flowers.  That's it!!  Looks festive with only a little bit of work!

Here's the inside of the cake:

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I did use skewers to hold it all together after I put frosting between the layers.  That way it wouldn't fall over!

I cut scraps of printed paper in rectangles.  I then did the letters on plain paper.  I folded the tops of the printed paper over a piece of baker's twine (pink, of course!) and then pushed the brads through to hold it together.  I tied the twine to two skewers.

For this set of cupcakes, I made pinwheels.  I hot glued decoratve buttons to the center, and then hot glued the pinwheels to skewers. (Love this serving plate by the way!  It's made by Mudpie.)

These decorations were made with a large paper punch, and adhesive letters.

 These were made with strips of scrapbook paper, adhesive letters and some 3 dimensional stickers.

Experiment!  Have fun!  Whatever decorations you come up with will look great!!